Office365Mon and AzureServiceMon Subscription Management API

The Subscription Management API is designed to let you programmatically create, update, and configure all aspects of your Office365Mon and AzureServiceMon subscriptions. You can use this for many common scenarios such as:

  • You're an Office 365 reseller and you want to automatically sign up new tenants for monitoring
  • You have a monthly or quarterly support rotation and regularly change the notification numbers for an outage
  • You want to have a scheduled task update your expiring access token once a quarter
  • Etc...

Subscription Management API Downloads

Here are the downloadable resources for working with the Subscription Management API:

API Features

The toolset for the Subscription Managment API includes a set of REST endpoints, an SDK, and both C# and PowerShell sample code. There is an additional set of APIs for resellers; if you are interested in our reseller program please contact support@office365mon.com. In order to use it you need to have the Subscription Management API feature enabled for your subscription. AzureServiceMon uses the Office365Mon API for many of the features they share in common, such as creating subscriptions, managing administrators, configuring notification options, etc. Code for both are in a single SDK and C# sample code that you can download from above. With our API you can do the following things:

Office365Mon API Features

  • Create a subscription
  • Get a subscription
  • Update a subscription
  • Get your subscriptions
  • Delete subscription historical data
  • Get subscription administrators
  • Add a subscription administrator
  • Delete a subscription administrator
  • Get subscription notifications
  • Add a subscription notification
  • Delete a subscription notification
  • Test a notification webhook
  • Add a subscription resource
  • Get all Office 365 service statuses that can be monitored
  • Get the Office 365 service statuses being monitored
  • Set the Office 365 service statuses being monitored
  • Get a Distributed Probe access code
  • Delete a Distributed Probe access code
  • Delete All Distributed Probe access codes
  • Get remote agent monitoring configuration
  • Update remote agent monitoring configuration
  • Get monitored web sites
  • Add a monitored web site
  • Delete a monitored web site
  • See if version monitoring is enabled for Exchange Online
  • Enable monitoring for changes in Exchange Online versions
  • Disable monitoring for changes in Exchange Online versions
  • Get Dashboard Report keys
  • Add a Dashboard Report key
  • Delete a Dashboard Report key
  • Delete all Dashboard Report keys
  • Get Email Transport monitoring configuration
  • Set Email Transport monitoring configuration
  • Get usage monitoring configuration
  • Set usage monitoring configuration
  • Get Geo Aware Alerts configuration
  • Set Geo Aware Alerts configuration
  • Get Threat Intelligence monitoring configuration
  • Start Threat Intelligence monitoring
  • Update Threat Intelligence configuration
  • Stop Threat Intelligence monitoring
  • Get Log Shipping Status
  • Set Log Shipping Status
  • Get Health Score Notification Configuration
  • Update Health Score Notification Configuration
  • Get List Monitoring configuration
  • Set List Monitoring configuration
  • Stop list monitoring
  • Get all monitored lists
  • Get all lists in a monitored site
  • Add a monitoring to a list
  • Remove monitoring from a list
  • Delete a subscription resource
  • Update the access token for a subscription resource
  • Copy an access token for a resource
  • Copy an access token to all like resources
  • Issue a health probe for a resource
  • Issue a health probe for any Office 365 resource
  • Get the Search monitoring configuration
  • Update the Search monitoring configuration
  • Delete the Search monitoring configuration
  • Validate the Search monitoring SharePoint app has been installed
  • Create a subscription for a Reseller*
  • Get the list of reseller owned subscriptions*
  • Delete a subscription*
  • Get the list of Associated Subscriptions*
  • Get the list of plans that can be added to a subscription*
  • Add a plan to a subscription*
  • Delete a plan from a subscription*
  • Get the list of plans for a subscription*
  • Convert a trial subscription to a paid subscription*
*These things can only be done if you are a registered reseller.

AzureServiceMon API Features

  • Get Azure subscriptions
  • Inventory Azure resources
  • Get supported monitored resource types
  • Get monitored resource types
  • Update Azure monitoring configuration
  • Get metric monitoring resource types
  • Get metric monitoring configuration
  • Update metric monitoring configuration

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